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48 star flags dating

Unless there is something highly unusual about them, 48 star flags are generally bring very little at auction, between and 0.Flag construction didn't change a whole lot during that period either, which can make dating them difficult.48 star flags with 6 staggered rows of 8 stars are documented with penciled or printed dates as early as 1896, sixteen years before the 47th and 48th stars were actually added to the flag.Because they are well-represented with this star pattern in photographs dating as late as WWI, but don't seem to appear in post-war images, the most likely window of manufacture falls sometime within this 22-year window (1896-1918).Spacers keep the textile away from the glass, which is U. There are some very minor tears and associated fabric loss along the hoist, where the flag was once affixed to a wooden staff.There is a small nick in the top red stripe near the fly end and a small hole in the 5th white stripe hear the hoist end, accompanied by a couple of pinprick-sized holes in the same stripe.Two stars were added to reflect the addition of New Mexico and Arizona, which had respectively gained statehood on January 6th and February 14th. involvement 1917-18) images show patriotic Americans waving 48 star flags with this staggered row pattern, there is strong evidence that not every flag-maker produced the justified 6 x 8 design.

The 48 star flag became official a few days later, on July 4th, which marked the official change of the "flag year".

Answer48 star flags were used between 19, a period not so long ago.

They were therefore produced throughout three wars (WWI, WWI, Korea) and during a time when we were highly industrialized.

1959 would make very little difference in terms of price. Interesting specific history of its use would add value.

A circular star design or some odd and attractive graphic feature like this could change its value greatly.

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An acid-free agent was added to the wash to further set the dye and the fabric was heat-treated for the same purpose.

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