Abuse in teenage dating

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Abuse in teenage dating

Know the Facts It's important to realize that emotionally abusive partners often know exactly what they are doing, and exactly which buttons to push.

They tend to seek out vulnerable, insecure individuals as dating partners, and at the beginning of their relationships they may even treat their vulnerable partners rather well.

They say they act this way because they "love you so much," when in fact the real reason they behave this way is to try to control your every move. They may have deluded themselves into thinking that they love you, but what they are doing to you is not loving behavior.

Why is Emotional Abuse in Teen Relationships So Common, And What Can Be Done About It?

According to Love Is Not Abuse.com, in March of 2006, Liz Claiborne, Inc.

partnered with a research organization called Teenage Research, Unlimited (TRU) to study the extent of teen dating violence in today's world.

The findings of this study (which covered all forms of abuse, including emotional abuse), were alarming to say the least.

For instance, when it comes to one specific, ultra-controlling form of emotional abuse, the study results indicated that: "1 in 4 teens who have been in a serious relationship say their boyfriend or girlfriend has tried to prevent them from spending time with friends or family; the same number have been pressured to only spend time with their partner." On a related note, extreme jealousy and possessiveness are very bad signs in a dating relationship.

There are many different kinds of emotional abuse, and emotional abuse can take place within the context of all sorts of dating relationships, ranging from casual dating situations to very serious, monogamous, long-term relationships.

Sexual and Physical Abuse Bear in mind that the umbrella term "sexual abuse" certainly includes rape, but it also includes unwanted sexual activity of any kind.

This means that if a boy kisses, touches, or does anything sexual to a girl who has not clearly consented to that activity, he has sexually assaulted her.

In addition, if a girl has consumed alcohol or drugs and is not in any condition to give her consent, but the boy still proceeds to engage in any type of sexual activity with her, this also constitutes sexual abuse.

Physical abuse in the context of dating relationships includes punching, biting, slapping, stabbing, and any other method that one person can use to physically harm another with or without the aid of a weapon.

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It is an ugly topic, and generally speaking, people do not like to spend a lot of time thinking about such troubling subjects.

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