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Accommodating with

In the avoiding approach, at least one of the parties displays a subtle reluctance or unwillingness to resolve the issues.This approach is of little use for those working with organisations as it strains relationships and prevents the building of trust between the parties involved.It is helpful when the other side is right and you should give in, or when preservation of the relationship is more important than negotiation.Among its problems are that it creates potential IOU's for future negotiations.Using this approach can also increase the other parties resistance to negotiation.

Do you know of specific regional German expressions?He is often found at conferences as a key note presenter and/or facilitator.His style is fast-paced, participatory, practical, and humorous.Furthermore, it may hand you a major loss on important issues and can lead to a habit of concession on many issues, hence decreasing your power and reputation.This approach gives away too much by overly emphasising the relationship between the parties.

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