Adult chat line business internet dating hazards

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Adult chat line business

Elek said such steep charges are "purely a marketing decision" and the vast majority of Verizon's long-distance customers are signed up for plans that offer lower rates.

can make money from premium phone numbers (those are the 0870, 0871 prefixes and numbers like that)?Recommended for you – Get your own back – cold call revenge!Premium rate numbers generally begin with 09, 118, 0871, 08.Here’s all you need to know about this money making opportunity below.Premium rate numbers are numbers that charge extra to the person who made the call through their monthly phone bill or through credit on their mobile phone.

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The mixup was reminiscent of a similar incident in July 2000 involving wireless carrier Voicestream, now known as T-Mobile, which printed the wrong prefix to its toll-free number in newspaper ads touting the launch of its service in Florida.

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