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The World Health Organisation has developed a number of strategies to guide policy-makers around the world to create effective strategies to address the public health problems caused by these health risk factors.

(Endnote 7) Many noncommunicable diseases can be prevented through the reduction of risk factors and other underlying metabolic and physiological causes.

(Endnote 10) TOBACCO SMOKING PREVALENCE(a) - 2007 …in Australia Tobacco smoking in Australia has been declining over recent decades.

In 2007-08, nearly one in five (19%) Australian adults aged 18 years and over were current daily smokers, down 12% since 2004–05 (after accounting for changes in the age structure).

This was slightly more than the increase in average years of life expectancy for all OECD countries over that time (4.9 years).

(Endnote 2) RISK FACTORS FOR HEALTH A small number of risk factors account for much of the morbidity and mortality attributed to noncommunicable disease.

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