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To make things perfectly clear, the amount of money invested into Chatro on a daily/weekly/monthly basis were going to go up dramatically.I estimate anywhere from 2x to 3x to maintain the existing equipment.To crush your rumors and snide comments, Chatro is NOT this large pot of gold that keeps raking it in hand over fist.There is a reason why the previous owner moved to another country and a great deal of the old folk know full well it was to avoid US taxation.I'll sleep about 4-5, maybe 6 hours a night/morning until all pieces fall into place.I felt you all needed transparency so you don't start thinking the worst or making up the worst ideas which are the farthest from the truth.

The strategies I have will either make the running of Chatro go up 2x - 3x or I'll be able to invest a bit more to stabilize it for us all. In all honesty I won't have answers until the new year.You all may continue to send in your Help Desk tickets with your opinons, frustrations, etc, but the responses will be about what is listed here.December 17, 2016 Help Desk is changing For years I've been using os Ticket to provide a help desk for you all in case you had issues, concerns, or needed to reach me directly.To give you all a clue as to the way things used to be, Chatro sat in a cushy datacenter somewhere in Cali on an old service plan that was a steal, I mean dirt cheap compared to today's standards.When the datacenter closed, I had two choices, move all existing equipment to another datacenter of the host AND sign up for a new service plan OR move the existing equipment and start over somewhere else, including finding a service plan for it.

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So my goal was to restore Chatro AND not have to take out a small mortgage sized loan in order to do it (cost of new/used equipment, moving equipment, new software, new datacenter, new service plan, etc).

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