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However, as Block points out, it’s kind of like gray hair and wrinkles: Most women have some of these changes as they age.Like Female Sexual Dysfunction, she says, dyspareunia is an example of a new disorder designed to build a market for a drug.But how many women really need Osphena, and how safe is it?For answers, looked to Newsweek’s Daily Beast, which has done some serious homework on the new drug.

As I’m fond of saying, dating success is 80% attitude and 20% skill, and a of that attitude involves both issues of masculinity and also understanding and empathizing with women.

These risks are detailed in a prominent black box warning on the drug.

Block also points out that some experts have questions about the clinical trials that led to Osphena’s approval: Block sees Osphena as the tip of an iceberg that may bring women testosterone gels and nasal sprays and antidepressants rebranded as libido enhancers.

Prepare yourself: When the new “pink Viagra” marketing blitz kicks off in June, instead of graying guys talking about sex between evening-news segments, you’re likely to see “mature” women.

The name of this new sex pill for postmenopausal women is Osphena, and while the market for it might not be as huge as Viagra’s is for men, the drug’s maker is banking that it will appeal to millions – especially after the company launches its “education” campaign about “dysparunia,” which Osphena is designed to treat.

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Osphena isn’t estrogen; it just acts like one, and like estrogen-alone therapy, Osphena increases the risk of endometrial cancer.

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