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Another cousin is Frisian, a regional minority language spoken in the North of the Netherlands, Denmark and Germany.

Dutch is also related to North Germanic language family members, such as Swedish, Danish and Norwegian.

Just like German, Dutch sentences often place the verb at the end, which takes some getting used to. Consequently, the name of this seaside town is a well-known shibboleth, a Hebrew term for a word that, if pronounced correctly, distinguishes you clearly as belonging to a certain group.

Similarly, the Flemish used to ask people to pronounce Like its European neighbours, the Dutch language knows many jokes about (blonde) women, relationships or other nations.

Dutch is a member of the West Germanic family tree, and as such, is a cousin of English and German and a sibling to Afrikaans.If you have your eyes on an Italian guy you may want to understand that there are going to be some things about him that you will need to know.In fact, anytime you date a person who is from a different cultural background there are going to be distinct differences.We think you'll find our orgasm erotica rather special.You'll find complete galleries of all the samples above in our members section, together with much much more.

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Dutch is a national language in the Netherlands, Belgium, Suriname in South America and the Dutch Antilles.