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Even if the check does clear initially, the bank customer is ultimately responsible for the items deposited into their accounts.KABUL—In the age of Facebook and online dating, some Afghan men are still looking for love in an old-fashioned way—by calling the emergency-services hotline."And so you now owe us ,900."Flowers now had to pay back the ,900.She dug into her investments and took out a loan to pay the bank back, but then got a letter from Sun Trust informing her that she can no longer bank with them and that her account was closed."To me it was a scam because they told me the check was good and go for it and I did then they said oops, we're wrong, you owe us ,900," she said.In some instances, funds may be available for use but the item has not finished being run through the clearinghouse system and therefore has not "cleared".Federal guidelines also are in place on when and how banks clear deposited items between institutions.

Bohemen suggested that the UN sanctions committee and Afghanistan’s Central Bank jointly work to terminate the Taliban’s access to their financial resources and that countries implement travel sanctions against the group’s leaders.

We also offer information at our website on fraud prevention located at the following links including some of the common scams that are used: Scam Protection from Sun Trust and SCAMS 101As for Larkin, we did a quick Google search and found the same pictures he sent to Flowers were also reportedly used on numerous scams involving dating site.

Also it's likely those pictures were stolen off social media sites.

“We receive many calls telling us ‘I love you,’ ” said Fatana Yalda, 27 years old, who was taking calls in her booth recently and, like her colleagues, wore a head scarf over dark hair.

Across much of Afghanistan, women rarely leave home except in a head-to-toe burqa.

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Therefore they should know and trust who they are doing business with.

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