African chat random video

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African chat random video

Although artificial in nature, these communities have taken roots in many parts of the globe.

In that respect, trying to enter the market with a new one is like battling giants. On the other hand posing like one is a totally different business.

Although it allows sharing of pictures and You Tube videos it doesn’t do anything outstanding or especially useful.

If you stick with the chat function then you’ll have a chance to share random phrases, stick videos, pictures and animated gif’s to a conversation. Either way, you can delete conversations if you don’t want mom to see them and you can also remove contacts in case your Friends list becomes unbearably big. The social network part is not really meaningful when you explore it unless you’re interested in expressing your opinion regarding the South African rail-road system; or if you reside in South Africa.

If not, Mxit will feel just like entering the wrong party mansion.

Another point of interest might be the Apps section which features a weird selection of programs, each having about three lines of code and looking much like text adventure games from the seventies. For example “Skin Me“ is supposed to change your background image but there is something about that name that does not instil me to try it.

So yeah, Mxit is either a big joke or South Africa is having its own Internet version where is a popular domain.

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Especially when the phrase “not on par” is huge understatement.

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