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Tip #2: Celebrate being Single While it can sometimes feel like being single is a life sentence you’re forced to endure, it’s simply not true.

In fact, being single is nothing more than a state of mind.

Everyone else seems so happily hooked up that, especially when you’re going through a dating dry spell, you can start to feel isolated, alienated, or insecure. Buy yourself a fab new outfit, slip into those sky-high stilettos (or sexy sandals, bold boots, etc.), channel your inner diva, and make a confident entrance your friends will not soon forget.

Being single isn’t something to suffer endlessly through.

Instead, with a slight attitude adjustment, you can easily fall in love with your footloose and fancy-free life.

This is a great way to meet new people while doing something you enjoy anyway. Along your savvy single journey, there will be times when being the only single person in your social circle will feel incredibly stifling.

But just as it’s important to enjoy this stage in life and broaden your network of friends, it’s equally important to practice patience.

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If they seem uncomfortable, let them know that they don’t have to play Cupid.

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