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I met those patients in the ER, so they were minutes away from being ex-patients. You don't know how much your surgeon knows about the ethical guidelines governing physician-patient romance. Your surgeon may be as uninformed as I was about this topic, so you cannot assume that he will make the first overt move if his seeming affection is real. However, if you wish to maximize your chance of success, there is something that you must do.

State medical boards generally take a dim view of doctors becoming romantically involved with their patients.I really feel there is a mutual chemistry there, but am afraid to say or do anything about it.I am trying to find a way to let him know I am open to a personal relationship after the doctor-patient relationship ends.I would preface my discussion with him by saying something along the lines of, "I appreciate the great medical care you've given me, but I am looking forward to the time when I will no longer be your patient because I would like to ask you out for a date, but I realize that you, as a doctor, are probably somewhat apprehensive about this even though the AMA doesn't prohibit doctors from dating ex-patients." Or perhaps you could say something such as, "You are a wonderful doctor and I've really enjoyed interacting with you. If I knew you were single, I'd ask you out for a date." Of course, how that message is delivered is crucial.

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