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American dating a muslim

Disclaimer: much of the following is from various Islamic studies and a result of research.

Still, they hope for a woman who is connected to God in her daily life outside of prayers, as well as being aware of the nature of life's challenges.

2) The other type of lineage is "Hasab", which is what the ancestors have done that distinguish the potential partner.

"Status" for contemporary Muslims can mean respect, famousness or achievements.

Although it is common to hear that in South Asian/African countries men pressurise prospective wives and their families for high dowries etc, it is very unlikely a Muslim man will marry purely because his future wife is filthy rich.

Wealth is a great turn-on; it's power, opportunity, intimidating for some (for example if a wife earns more), but real wealth is not tangible.

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However much a woman or her family earns does not really alter what Muslim men are really looking for.