Amigo dating service

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Amigo dating service

Signing up to is simple, just fill in some details and follow the link on a confirmation email that will arrive in your inbox shortly after.

As a basic member you'll be able to check out the features and browse the profiles, but to really get your dating life in gear you'll need to purchase points or a membership plan.

The first part of the more detailed preferences is a fill in section about your ideal ‘friend’ or date to meet on the site.

There’s also the option of setting an auto-reply to people interested in your profile.

instead of just being ‘Caucasian’ you can fill in ‘Irish American’, etc.

There are other features for customizing your profile as well.

Silver and Gold members both can access the languages, race, location range, and personality type filters, as well as being able to set how many matches to show per page and save searches.The physical descriptor page runs through a full gamut of questions.It remembers your earlier information on height, and body type, and then asks you to fill in information about your hair color, length, eye color, whether you wear glasses or contacts, and there’s an option for more specific information about your cultural background, i.e.Amigos has loads of fun features to help keep your profile lively, up to date and fun.The Bling Manager allows you to create little avators or icons you want to use to decorate your profile and represent a little piece of your personality to fellow Amigos singles. You can use it as a day to day diary, or just when something important happens that you want to let other Amigos know about or even to help other Amigos singles get to know the real you on a personal level.

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You can upload photos (which require approval before posting) and manage them in separate galleries.

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