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After a hiatus of almost two years, the 24-year-old Caribbean pop star Rihanna, and the 27-year-old Jewish-Canadian rapper Drake, are allegedly together once again.In fact, the two multi-platinum selling artists were spotted together recently, which sparked off rumors that they might have reignited their love.With her high profile romances with Chris Brown and LA Dodger Matt Kemp in the rear view, it appeared that Rihanna was focused on her career and was entirely without a man (with perhaps just a few photographic dalliances to satisfy her sexual appetite, which she discussed in her Rolling Stone cover story).

The couple’s dancing also sparked rumors in February when they performed at the Brit Awards, they twerked and grinded with each other for virtually the whole song, but at that point it seemed that it was just a performance, despite their undeniable chemistry.

A source close to the couple hinted that “” If that is the case then they haven’t done very well at trying to pretend that they don’t like each other.

Drake, 29 and Rihanna, 28, certainly know how to get a crowd talking and backing the possibility of a romance, maybe in the next performance of the hit ‘Work’ we’ll actually see them kiss on the lips.

Ri Ri and Drake have been professionally and personally linked in the past, thanks to their hit collab ‘What’s My Name?

’ and rumors that they were an item soon after she split from Brown.

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And although they've dated in the past, they've both been spotted out and about in London - TOGETHER - quite a bit over the past few days.

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