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Around 1987 the small v i victorinox was changed to big V in Victorinox. Another detail on dating the knives is like on other categories.

The tang stamp may have vairiations on the place it sit.

In 1985 Victorinox introduced the 90 degree function on the flat screwdriver. It seems maybe a bit later and so far i put it in 1987.

Then to the picture: Form my research it seems the economy made Elinox pre 1973 had a better quality than the early to mid 70s knives. There are few details that you will see with the scales and some on the finish and fine details.

The emblem got a small variation but this you can see in many dates.

The flat screwdriver got a 90 degree function and it got a sewing eye. There is also a big V in Victorinox on the tang stamp some other details say I would recommend it to 1987-1992.

The knives do not always follow the regular evolution on the tools, so here you need to use the evolution as best you can and the tang stamps the emblems.

Out of regard for the specialised trade, in particular the Swiss Master Cutlers Association, the Ecoline pocket knives were produced from 1979 to 1994 with a different form of the logo and with light-red handles for a large-scale Swiss distributor.By this i mean high or low and sometimes the Rostfrei may be partially hidden when opened.You will find production variations on the depht and even sometimes it looks like the stamp used was worn. and I can not see that the change mentioned in 1985 on the Officier evolution on the standard range happened at the same time on the economy made line.On the top of the Victorinox stampings you can see the stampings used on the economy line.The stamp 1980-2005 got one detail that can be helpful.

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