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Appropriate age difference dating formula

Listen, I love Bernie Sanders, but it’s highly unlikely that he could win a general election and become president He’ll be 75 in 2016, meaning that if he served eight years he’d be 83-years-old.Even if you get past his age, which many wouldn’t, he’s also a self-described socialist.My goal – my only goal – is to ensure our next president is anyone but a Republican.And facing one of the most important elections in many of our lifetimes, I’m sorry, but I’m not ready to roll the dice on a candidate that polls show even 41 percent of Democrats might not support.

It really breaks down to these two options: Yes, it’s really that simple.

In fact, Republicans are that’s exactly what many liberals and independents will do.

The system is what it is and it’s unlikely to ever change.

So to all of you liberals who loathe her and feel that voting for her would be “selling out,” do you really want a Republican president potentially replacing four Supreme Court Justices?

Do you really want someone like Donald Trump, Ben Carson or Marco Rubio setting up the power in our Supreme Court for the next 20-30 years?

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