Are online dating dangerous who is shar jackson dating 2016

Posted by / 29-Mar-2015 20:30

Are online dating dangerous

OKCupid offers a very popular free app for the i Phone, Android, and Windows.

One OKCupid user claimed that online dating was much more efficient, while a Date My School subscriber claimed that it was a lot easier to talk to people online because there was an understanding that both parties were interested in one another.

Date My School caters to the academically inclined, limiting their users to college students and recent alums only.

Campus Hook, University Love Connection, Student Love, and College Passions are all online dating services with the same model as Date My School.

Or you could just blame this on the internet and how technologically dependent today’s youth are.

You could easily blame this new type of tech reliance on the 60-40 percent split between women and men on most Liberal Arts college campuses.

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