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In this particular case, it was my profile on e Harmony that was targeted, and this is my recount of it.It started with a potential match; a profile with a collection of tasteful photos of a beautiful woman, not too ‘out there’, but a face that stood out from the crowd.Style with strappy wedges for a chilled out effortless vibe.

Extra points for that 70s inspired waist belt, too!Conveniently, there was already a bank account setup for me to transfer money. Despite the safeguards in place to help protect those looking for a relationship online, the protection is not perfect, and users need to be educated.At this point, I had what I needed for this write-up, and so I marked the account as ‘spam’ and reported the profile to the e Harmony team. Here are a few tips for you to help spot a potential scammer: Remember, you will never know who is on the other side of that screen until you meet them.A quick reply back lead to an even longer response from the scammer, again using photos from the model’s profile page and the same content found on many scam reporting websites.But this time, I was being asked for money, as ‘she’ was stuck in London, unable to get home.

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