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This girl like so many girl children is forced into prostitution by poverty. If by chance they do get out these girls are mentally and emotionally ruined for life.Take the little Cambodian girl who was rescued from a life of sexual depravity by an American couple on holiday in the Southeast Asian country.Thailand is another international destination for many European, Australian, and American (mostly Caucasian) child sex tourists.

Frightened and traumatized the girl agreed to their illicit demands.

Her captors dismembered her then tossed her bloody body parts into the streets of the city to intimidate other child prostitutes from running away.

Similar sick scenarios are taking place and the problem is getting worse by the day. Its' growing by exponentially; the culprit-poverty. Sexual depravity among Western men with plenty of spending money and lax morals add fuel to the fire.

I've known war veterans who bragged about the number of women and prepubescent girls they raped.

This reminds me of the tow truck driver I hired to tow my car when I was a teenager. I called a towing company to haul my vehicle to a service station.

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