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Assessment canadian coorindating health office technology

The provincial HTA programs in Canada do not have an equivalent in Australia.

Useful assessment occurs at the state level in Australia on an ad-hoc basis, but establishment of HTA programs could provide continuity of evaluation expertise to deal with local issues.

Most of the assessments have been targeted to government decisionmakers, but health care institutions, health professionals and patient associations have also been clients after approaching HTA programs.34 Assessment proposals from non-government organisations are also considered by CADTH, AETMIS and IHE.

Clinical effectiveness and economic aspects have been the areas most frequently assessed, with fewer HTA reports considering social or ethical issues.9 A review of the national and three provincial programs found that there had been little duplication of HTA activity.

This paper may be useful for evaluators of agencies for technology assessment.

6 billion will be provided over five years in direct health accord initiatives, including patient safety, Canadian Coordinating Office for Health Technology Assessment, Employment Insurance compassionate care, a GST rebate for health institutions, a national immunization strategy and governance and accountability.

he first Canadian health technology assessment (HTA) program was established in Quebec in 1988.

It was mandated to produce assessments of health technologies, to counsel the Minister for Health and Social Services, and to disseminate its findings to key constituencies of the Quebec health care system.1 Since that time, HTA in Canada has evolved to include activities at the national as well as the provincial level, reflecting the organisation of that country’s health system.

Guidelines for economic evaluation were developed and used for this work.12 In 2002, CCOHTA was given responsibility for the Common Drug Review, which provides a single process to assess new drugs for potential coverage by participating drug benefit plans.

The health insurance plans that provide coverage to Canadian citizens are publicly funded and administered on a provincial or territorial basis, within guidelines set by the federal government.2 The federal role also includes regulatory approval for pharmaceuticals and devices.

HTA has been used to inform decisions on procurement and withdrawal of health technologies, on insurance plan coverage, on referral of patients for treatment in other jurisdictions, on clinical practice for older technologies, and on the development of specific programs.35 Most HTA activity has been associated with government-funded programs with permanent evaluation staff, although groups in universities and other organisations have made important contributions.

Major reports on long-term projects have been supplemented by shorter, rapid assessments to meet requests for urgent advice (see Box).

For example, an assessment in Alberta on the use of osteogenic protein-1 implant for the treatment of fractures8 was completed in 2 months in response to a request from a regional health authority, and assisted the development of clinical guidelines for local use of the technology.

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In addition, there have been several initiatives (through activities within health regions and hospitals) to put HTA in place at a local level to take account of specific organisational or clinical requirements.

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