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Being a single mother, I easily fell in love with the father my son never had.

I was bothered by the way Duane became harsh sometimes with me, but I wrote it off as just a bad mood.

According to a recent national survey by researchers at Rutgers University, 94 percent of singles stated that they want to marry their soul mate.

However, many of them acknowledged a lack of confidence in being able to achieve this goal.

We married on our first anniversary of going out, but from that time on he was never the same.I wondered how any guy could do something like that to her; she was so beautiful and nice.She told me she had never been treated or loved in the ways that I took care of her.But then he changed; he went out with his friends more and became less interested in me.When I tried to talk with him about keeping balance in our relationship, he would become defensive and detached, as if he just didn't care.

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