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I was recently retained in such a case in Baltimore County Circuit Court wherein my client is charged not with soliciting a minor on the Internet, but instead with soliciting an undercover detective posing as a minor.

They have street festivals in Palm Springs, they block off the gay streets and then they have bands come in and play. So I moved out of Hollywood, because everywhere I went people knew who I was. And I decided, well, I have to get my act together. So I had to sell our home and I moved into a small little apartment, it's very bohemian style. And you know, when I finally gave up singing, I was living in a garage with my motorcycle in Hollywood with a bed, no running water, and that's where that lifestyle had taken me. I have a lot of people hitting on me to play with me again. I had an offer to headline some concert in Los Angeles in August, but the record label didn't feel it was the right venue for me. It was either live or die, so I moved out of Hollywood and I got a job and I cleaned up my act and I gave up music. I mean, it was the late '70s, early '80s-there was drugs, there was all kinds of things around, and I just couldn't handle it anymore.

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(Brandon Weigel)City Paper: Obviously, with the paper being from Baltimore, I'm a little more interested in talking about your upbringing here. It was pretty horrific, but it was important for me to graduate from high school.

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