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Award includes 'Rajat Kamal' (Silver Lotus Award) and cash prize.Following are the award winners over the years: For profiling the dilemma of a film actress, at a delicate point in her life.The film highlights the changing equations between a mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, who begin as adversaries and become confidantes.

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Through the film's visual texture and locales, we not only see the world of the protagonist Abani Sem, we also enter his psyche.

Anjan Dutt's bitter–sweet work portrays in vivid colours the pop music scene in Bengal today, as well as the on-the-edge lives lived by its practitioners.

For presents pop music as a force that drives, destroys and binds relationships.

The film's character's carry forward this one passion in life as in death.

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The National Film Awards, established in 1954, are the most prominent film awards in India that merit the best of the Indian cinema.