Bay area lesbian speed dating

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Bay area lesbian speed dating

The event at the Four Seasons was her first catering exclusive to gay men ages 35 to 55.

"It's nice to be out of the house and off Grindr," she said that night, very aware of San Francisco's gay dating black holes and conundrums.

Yet with everybody from accountants in Los Altos to HIV-positive men in the Castro trying it now, there is a growing concern that the concept isn't quite what it started out to be: Serious.

After two hours of this, the participants would jot down names of the people they wanted to hear from again. The same thing has been happening in large cities around the country.

Oscar Raymundo is the head of marketing at a leading LGBT media company.

The self-selected foodies and winos then at least had a basic compatibility to start off with, making it easier to kick-start and continue a bond.If that person also wanted to hear from them, then a matchmaker would tell both parties about their love connection, just like in "Fiddler on the Roof." If both parties knew that there was a mutual interest, then one of them would be bound to call . Alternatively known as express dating, or by the trademarked Speed Dating, it's the quickest way to dump a loser short of dropping "cold sore" into casual conversation. Fans say that unlike trolling for matches on the Internet, you know that the person you're talking to isn't a 14-year-old - or hiding behind a 14-year- old photo.For roughly at many events, you gain the power to decide within minutes if the person sitting across from you is worthy of your time, money and energy. The upside: No waiting to lock eyes at a bar, no accepting a guy's card so he'll go away, and no, "Hey, baby, wanna dance? And a night of speed dating is cheaper than most of the dining-club organizations, where singles meet anywhere from 2 to 6 people at a time over dinner.Thirty sophisticated gay men, mostly in their 30s and 40s, gathered in person at the private dining den at the Four Seasons' MKT restaurant Sept.12 to enjoy a five-course meal, including steak tartare paired with Spanish garnacha wine.

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"It can lead to a great conversation and maybe find out that you actually have a lot in common." According to a recent study conducted by the National Marriage Project, sharing common interests with your partner is a key indicator of a successful lifelong relationship.

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