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13, 2016"This morning, Kanye West actually showed up to meet with Donald Trump at Trump Tower.

People were shocked — they didn't expect those two to meet until the first presidential debate in 2020." –Jimmy Fallon"Trump announced he's nominating Exxon Mobil CEO Rex Tillerson to be his secretary of state, even though Rex supposedly has a friendly relationship with Vladimir Putin.

Trump signed it, ' To my good friend, Ben Carson.'" –Conan O' Brien"Yesterday the president-elect met with Bill Gates, Jim Brown, and Kanye West.

Today he met with executives from Amazon, Tesla, Apple, Google, and Facebook.

The two met in Trump's apartment and then took photos and answered questions in the lobby.

When asked what they talked about, Trump had kind of a weird answer: ' We're just friends.' Just friends? " –James Corden"Donald Trump met with Kanye West today — what an amazing thing to see.

Today, Rex said, ' Putin and I aren't friends,' while Putin said, ' That's SO something Rex would say.'" –Jimmy Fallon"Mitt Romney tweeted that it was 'an honor' to be considered for secretary of state.

Because, you know, when you think responsible, ethical and trustworthy, you think Exxon Mobil." –James Corden"The big story today was Trump's meeting with Kanye West.

I can't wait to see who he picks to actually be president of this country." –Jimmy Kimmel"Kanye West met with Donald Trump at Trump Tower today.

No word on what they interrupted each other about." –Seth Meyers"Jeb Bush told reporters today that he does not think Russia 'influenced' the election.

He announced he's changing his slogan from 'drain the swamp' to 'fill 'er up!

'" –Jimmy Kimmel"These cabinet appointments are something else.

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He gathered all the major tech execs for a very important role: He wanted to see if any of them could figure out his i Tunes login." –Jimmy Kimmel"The CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey, did not meet with Donald Trump, I'm guessing for the same reason Dr.