Best intimidating lines

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This is one breed we encourage to have professionally trained.The Rottweiler is great with families if brought up properly, and even small children are safe under the right conditions.

Make sure your Shepherd has a set bed, it is not recommended to let your dog sleep in your bed, as it will understand this as “his” bed, and it will be very difficult to have him move out.There might not be a better dog breed in the world at protecting your family, and thriving around adults and children alike.The Rottweiler, if not properly trained, is too aggressive of a breed to have around small children.They were able to track enemy scents, and were also used in mine detection. Their excellent responsiveness to commands and fantastic senses of smell make them perfect companions for K9 units on the force.German Shepherds are most effective if properly trained.

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ogs have been domesticated, humans have used them to guard their livestock and homes.

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