Best irc adult chat

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Best irc adult chat

Specially interested can read the detailed RFC description of IRC: xchat is a very good chat client (GTK/GTK2).It supports scripts and everything else you expect from an advanced IRC client, and is the best alternative if you want a graphical client.Chat now live in our free christian chat rooms, we have active chatters so you will find people for chat 24/7.

Gentoo installation: Both versions are available on the xchat homepage. irssi 's configuration is done by simple /commands. To hide join/parts in a channel, try /help ignore for instructions.It doesn't really matter what version of X-Chat you get.The xchat 1.x series are based on GTK, the 2.x series is based on GTK2.There is a huge number of different IRC networks, and only servers within the same network exchange messages.If you connect to a server in EFNet then you are not able to view or talk to people using Undernet.

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Choose between the excellent IRC clients to get the world at your fingertis.