Blind dating plot summary

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He offers kindly wisdom, twinkling eyes, a wee hint of a brogue, and the audacity to keep two or three middle-aged ladies on the string at the same time, just so they won't grow overconfident.Stockard Channing, who plays one of them, handles his heartlessness with such wisdom that I'd like to see her in a whole film about a woman in such a predicament.Lane and Cusack, meanwhile, take one step forward (they both say "Dr. ) and two step back (she sleeps with Mulroney, but hates herself in the morning).Given the fact that his occupation is building boats by hand, what do you think the odds are that she will sooner or later commandeer a racing crew to help her pursue her dream? The movie toys with heartbreak because it knows, and we know, no hearts will be broken.Cusack in particular has a gift of intelligent speech that no doubt inspires discerning women to let him know, one way or another, that he can have his way with them if he will just keep talking.Here he plays a man named Jake, who builds racing boats by hand, out of wood."Must Love Dogs" is like a puppy with big brown eyes and a wagging tail who weeps with eagerness to lick your hand, but you take a look around the pound and decide to adopt the sad-eyed beagle who looks as if she has seen a thing or two.

Plummer is a great actor; he played the best Iago I have ever seen on the stage.

If one should get dropped by accident, well, the Cusack character thinks that when your heart breaks, "it grows back bigger." So maybe it's a good thing for it to be broken? These actors with their gifts deserve characters that the movie takes more seriously and puts at more risk.

The Stockard Channing character is like a visitor from a parallel universe in which such movies are made.

But here his character is created from off-the-shelf sitcom templates.

He was allegedly happily married for 45 years, but after his wife dies he plunges into the Internet dating game so avidly that one of his blind dates turns out to be -- his own daughter.

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The movie stars two of the most likable actors in the movies, Diane Lane and John Cusack.