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Please dont learn the hard way, take care of yourself since the very beginning and learn to recognize which one is a frog and which one is a prince. You American women, in general, need to learn that just because the men you dated are whores doesn't mean you should become WHORES too! Be a good woman and find a good man--or just live the whore lifestyle and take what you can get. You only turn them into the bad guys that you talk so much shit about.

Yes, I know a few good men but most are not like that, Bolivian men are not the most handsome, nor the tendernest, sweetest, open minded and healthiest people in world.

So i think that bolivian guys can be everything, you should not judge without knowing. Again, not only is Bolivia high is domestic violence, but in other countries as well.

Your grandpa could of been a wife beater, or other relatives, don't be hypocrites.

And their friends will eagerly help them to cheat together and play around with other women, be them hookers or not because Bolivian men LOVE to have sex with the most expensive hookers they can afford every Thursday and then take a long break the rest of the weekend.

So they may spread STD to their couples and put them in serious risk without feeling any remorse.

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But I came back to my country and married a Bolivian guy whom I divorced a few years after.

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