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But she wasn't willing to live with the threat hanging over her head.Sophie has told very few friends and relatives about what she's done, partly because her privacy is important to her and partly because she knows reactions may vary.When taking a holistic view of your health it is absolutely beneficial to take advantage of the newest scientific technologies available to you in securing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle.First and foremost, it is beneficial to take care of physically manifested imbalances.The grief of my mother's loss, and the knowledge that it was due to breast cancer had always been present in my life. If the genetic test came back negative I would let myself off the hook.But once I turned 30 and became a mother, the fear kicked in. I didn't want to leave my children motherless as I had been. I would continue to be vigilant about early detection but I wouldn’t identify so much with every woman’s sad breast cancer story. My sister was diagnosed with pre-menopausal breast cancer at age 48.I reasoned that if she tested positive for the breast cancer gene I could let myself off the hook big time since I tested negative. If she tested negative I would assume it does run in our family and they just haven’t identified the genetic code for this kind of aggressive familial breast cancer. And finally, that was what led me to this decision.

However, every form you fill out, every interview you have in the examining room, your family history looms large. It wasn't until my 30th birthday - when I had my baseline mammogram and my chart had the stamp of “family history”- that the fear began.My sister had a double mastectomy, chemo, radiation, hair loss—the works."Okay," I thought."Time to make another deal with myself." I asked my sister to undergo genetic testing.In a culture where many women choose lumpectomy instead of mastectomy to keep their breasts intact, she understands how painful and difficult a decision like this can be.In her own words, Sophie explains why she chose a double mastectomy and how it's changed her life.

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