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Bridget moynahan who is she dating now

Indeed, little Jack is surrounded by affection and good health!The half-brother to Benjamin, 4, and Vivian, 17 months, gets to enjoy the natural lifestyle of his supermodel stepmom and NFL superstar dad. Though everything is all good between the parents now, Moynahan's split from Brady back in 2006 was initially bumpy.I tend to overanalyze when it comes to Bridget though – I doubt this story just because it seems like Bridget is really focused on being a good mom, and I doubt she bad-mouthes Tom in front of Jack or anything like that.But yeah, I’ll buy that she doesn’t want to talk about Tom anymore at this point.She once even fired someone on the spot when they innocently asked Jack about his dad.” Since Bridget and Tom have shared custody of Jack, that’s gotta be one tense handoff.As in, they play nice for the sake of their kid, but if it wasn’t for Jack, it would be WAR.That’s the kind of messy situation that leaves a mark for years. There is only one rule that Bridget Moynahan has when it comes to her ex-boyfriend Tom Brady: do not talk about Tom Brady.To give Bridget some credit, she only makes rare, bitchy, pointed comments about once a year, and not even that in the past few years. According to a family insider, the mere name of the New England Patriots quarterback – who left her and got together with Gisele Bundchen when she was pregnant with their son Jack – still makes Bridget turn red.

He spends a lot of time with Gisele and is very close to her other kids (with Brady), Benjamin and Vivienne. Moynahan and Bundchen are supposedly good friends and the two women see each other at occasional soccer games where they both cheer on John.Coppa cited a tweet that Moynahan posted after Brady's 2015."Congratulations to the @Patriots!Sweet #4 Super Bowl win," Moynahan wrote, showing complete support for her ex, the father of her only son."He certainly wasn't holding my hand while I pushed." She mused to the mag, "I don't think any girl grows up dreaming of being a single mom." Moynahan has since moved on and been linked to director Joseph Mc Ginty "Mc G" Nichol.There some evidence to suggest that Bridget Moynahan is still annoyed by Tom Brady and Gisele Bundchen, even now. Around seven years since Tom Brady and Bridget Moynahan broke up and he immediately got with Gisele, and Bridget simultaneously found out that she was pregnant. Star Mag says Bridget is still very skittish about anyone discussing Tom.

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