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It is customary to visit people at a pre-arranged time and day.As a generalization, people are not comfortable if you just drop in.I have found from experience that the British love chocolates. 4) Queuing Queuing is a unique part of the British culture.People in Britain usually form a queue or a single line in a shop, or when they want to buy a ticket with the intention of allowing those who arrived first to be served first.Punctuality is very important in business situations.In most cases, the people you are meeting will be on time.Introduce a younger person to an older person, that is, introduce a person of lower status to a person of higher status.

When discussing business over dinner, be prepared to back up your claims with facts and figures.

However, this is still seen as being impolite, especially to the older generations 2) Form of Greeting In Britain the handshake is the common form of greeting.

When you meet people for the first time, it is normal to shake hands.

It is a good idea to telephone and offer your apologies. remember If you have not finished eating, cross your knife and fork on your plate with the fork over the knife.

6) Dining Etiquette If invited to a person’s house for dinner, ensure you are punctual as already discussed. If invited to a meal at a restaurant, the person extending the invitation usually pays.

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Call even if you will be 5 minutes later than agreed.