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"We love that part so much that how can we not want to have that again? The singer posted this snap to Twitter and captioned it: "Guess what's coming soon... Okay, so the plan is, Michael Bublé brings out his own perfume that smells irrestible to him, we buy the perfume, we wear the perfume, we meet Bublé, Bublé falls madly in love with us and then voila! Michael Buble is squashing those resurfaced rumors that his relationship with Emily Blunt ended because he cheated.The "Feeling Good" crooner, 40, set the record straight about their past romance during an interview with 's Erin Cebula.Here, Michael opens up about the contentment of being a husband and father. "I was a jerk and I was careless and reckless with the hearts of women I was with. If I wanted to be a happy guy and really fall in love, I would have to love myself.""I think the experience of the heartbreak — I learned about myself, I got closer to being spiritual and learned to be in the moment and realize how short life is," he said. "I got my butt and my heart kicked and it hurt me enough that I looked in the mirror and I didn't want it to happen again.February 2009 - Present Michael Buble and Argentine actress and model Luisana Lopilato started dating in early 2009, and got engaged in November of that year.

“We love that part so much that how can we not want to have that again? I’m saying that now, let’s see what I say after two.”; Watch more below, or here if you’re on a mobile device.

They reportedly met at a party thrown by his record company after a concert in Buenos Aires.

He co-wrote the song "Haven't Met You Yet" for her, and she also appeared in the song's music video.

“Without it, I wouldn’t have had a chance to fall in love with myself enough to be with a woman like my wife. It ended because we weren’t right for each other, and we are now exactly where we’re supposed to be in our lives.”; RELATED: Michael Buble Talks Attracting A Wide Audience The rumours surrounding Buble and Blunt’s relationship were re-ignited last month when the actress was interviewed by Howard Stern on his Sirius XM radio show.

When Stern asked her if Buble had been unfaithful, she replied, “I don’t know, it’s complicated. I can’t do it.”; The worlds of comedy and wizardry collided — but it was no “Trainwreck”.

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"It ended because we weren't right for each other, and we are now exactly where we're supposed to be in our lives." He added: "Emily is a beautiful and loving person, and I'm grateful for the time I had with her, for the relationship.

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