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With over two million apps choose from, finding the right ones can be overwhelming. I've sifted through articles, promo videos, websites and reviews to assemble a list of ten apps that every working woman needs.

These apps are user-friendly, super-convenient and totally free! You can share lists and assign tasks, allowing multiple people to work together on a project.

Win Streak is a positivity-focused goal setting app where you can record your biggest "wins" at the end of each day and plan "wins" for tomorrow.The app also offers additional "Skimm Guides" explaining everything from the Brexit to ebola to the MLB postseason for those looking to learn more.Genius Scan turns your phone into a scanner, allowing you to export documents in JPEG or multi-page PDF format.The Skimm is an email newsletter that delivers a daily breakdown of the news.I love The Skimm because it keeps me current on world news in a quick, easy-to-digest format.

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