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They want FULL union, needing lots of physical contact, emotional displays, and reassurance.This tendency to over give can make them choose partners who need more than their share of their empathy, sensitivities, and “sixth sense” can be very strong.The Moon waxes and wanes, and is the fastest moving, most changeable heavenly body in all of astrology.If you ask for too much, you may just get pinched between their sharp claws as they scoot sideways away from you… If it’s not given, they’ll pull back and be very hurt.To woo them again, do something romantic and sentimental and admit to all of your bad behavior – they’ll pretend everything is fine as they HATE confrontation, and don’t want to seem demanding.Thus Cancers can find themselves in CODEPENDENT relationships… They’re SO gifted at making other people feel good, safe, and cared about that they make excellent therapists, teachers, and counselors.

Because they care so much about the people and things that matter to them, if you cross them they can STRIKE out with incredible force in a way you wouldn’t expect.Being crabs, they can be HARD on the outside, because they’re protecting their soft insides.So although they give and give, they have a point where they won’t go further.They can want SO MUCH togetherness, SO MUCH physical connection that they can suck all the air out of the room… Just give them a back rub, join them for a bubble bath, and set them up with a new brownie recipe (they love to bake!) and tell them when you’ll be back to cuddle in front of the fire later.

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All will be forgiven, and you’ll be enjoying foot rubs, homemade brownies, and their undying devotion again in no time.

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