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In 2006, SAA split from Transnet, its parent company, to operate as an independent airline.SAA is the official airline of the Association of Tennis Professionals.On 1 July 1935, SAA moved its operations to Rand Airport as it became increasingly obvious that Johannesburg would become the country's aviation hub, which coincided with the launching of Rand–Durban–East London–Port Elizabeth–Cape Town services. Orders for a further 10 Ju 52/3m, along with eighteen Junkers Ju 86 and seven Airspeed Envoys (four for the airline and three for the South African Air Force) were placed.The airline experienced a rapid expansion during this time, but also suffered its first accident; one of the newly delivered Ju 52s crashed after takeoff from Rand Airport in July 1937, with one reported fatality.These aircraft were configured to carry 14 passengers, along with four crew.They enabled thrice-weekly Durban–Johannesburg services, with weekly services on the Durban–East London–Port Elizabeth–George/Mossel Bay–Cape Town route.

South African Airways was founded in 1934 after the acquisition of Union Airways by the South African government.Other types used in the 1930s included eighteen Junkers JU-86s, which served from 1937 onwards, and of which one spotted the Watussi off the Cape Coast at the start of the war.The slow growth continued during the 1940s, though the airline was effectively closed for the duration of WWII.The airline was initially overseen and controlled by South African Railways and Harbours Administration.Sanctions by African countries which would have otherwise provided stopover airports during apartheid forced it to adopt long-range aircraft and other measures to counter these restrictions.

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On 10 November 1945, the airline introduced its first inter-continental service, the 3-day Springbok Service, operated by the Avro York, which was routed Palmietfontein–Nairobi–Khartoum–Cairo–Castel Benito–Hurn Bournemouth.

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