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Castello pipe dating

This quality means many things which are hard to explain.

It means working only and exclusively the best briar, that is: extra-extra.

His son in law, Franco Coppo, now runs the factory.

Castello pipes have a tremendous amount of loyal followers and collectors.

Carlo Scotti, created the Castello pipe in 1947, in a little artisan workshop.

His aim was to produce a pipe which was technically and aesthetically at the absolute summit of the quality "parametro".

Each pipe is made by hand by one of six artisans from aged briar and slab acrylic for stems.

Smooth finishes are available in many different colors, as are the rusticated 'Sea Rock' and sandblasted finishes.

All Smooth Grades' - Trademark, "Castello", Collection etc.Castello pipes often tend to start out life a little “bright” in their smoking qualities, accentuating the sweetness of a blend, and only mellow out after quite a few bowls have been gently puffed.Once well seasoned, though, they reward the smoker with a wonderful flavor.Castello is the only maker that uses briar that has been aged for at least 10 years.The Castello pipe is thought by many smokers to be the world's most consistent smoking pipe. Sea Rock, Old Antiquari & Vergin - the K's & G's refer to the size.

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Castello pipes would take Carlo Scotti from a tiny artisan studio and anonymity, to a state of the art production facility and the peak of the pipe world.