Cd dating game icp

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Cd dating game icp

The Insane Clown Posse had a cult following around their hometown of Detroit in the mid-'90s, eventually winning a major-label contract with Jive.Their deal with Jive was short-lived, since Riddle Box bombed on the national market -- after all, not many people are interested in overweight, dreadlocked jackasses in clown makeup, spewing "naughty" lyrics and spraying their audience with cheap soda.Still, they retained a devoted local following, which led to Hollywood Records signing the group in 1996.Hollywood spent a million dollars on the recording of ICP's label debut, The Great Milenko, which let the group work with name producers and guest artists like Slash.This is evident in the passages that come with each of the joker card albums (there are many other cd's like Forgotten Freshness of Bizaar that have nothing to do with the joker's cards). This spectacle shall be witnessed only by those who are meant to see it. It does indeed consist of rap, but it not like any other rap I have ever heard. 2.5/5 2) Great Milenko Ok, Intro is an intro, so what is Great Milenko?From deep within the Netherworld of shadow walkers comes yet another exhibit of the Dark Carnival. It basically does the same thing as track one: describes the Great Milenko.That seems a little unlikely, since a company wouldn't really sink a million dollars into a project being "unaware" of what it was about.

So, everything should have worked out -- ICP had a commercial album that would have brought them a big audience, if the marketplace could overlook the fact that the duo was dressed like evil clowns. On the day of the release of The Great Milenko, Hollywood pulled the album from the market, claiming that they were unaware of the offensive content of the record.

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And although it is better than the rest of ICP's work, it's a little ridiculous to think that its mixture of heavy metal and gangsta satire is hip in the late '90s, and it's even more ridiculous to think that it is worth listening to, even if it has vulgar lyrics.

It's the sort of record you wish they would take off the stereo at excruciating frat parties.

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