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Chat in australia adult

Increasing fruit and vegetable consumption and limiting energy intake from total fats and sugars are dietary priorities to prevent chronic disease [].Despite the evidence that in Australia young adults consume a diet inconsistent with the dietary recommendations, little is known about the best approaches to improve their dietary intakes and behaviours.This trial will test if applications running on mobile devices have potential to assess diet, provide tailored feedback and nutrition messages as an effective way of improving fruit and vegetable consumption and reducing energy-dense nutrient poor foods in young adults.The CHAT project will assess the impact of the intervention on behavioural intention to eat a more healthful diet.Tailored nutrition text messages will be sent to Intervention Group 1 over the 6 months.Data will be collected at baseline and again at the 6-month completion.

Assessment of food intake in relation to dietary recommendations is necessary so that they are better informed on what constitutes a healthy diet consistent with dietary guidelines.

Young adults typically consume a diet which is inconsistent with the dietary recommendations.

Yet little is known about the best approaches to improve dietary intakes and behaviours among this group.

When taking the image, participants need to include a fiducial marker, which acts as a reference of known dimension and markings.

The images are automatically analysed for characteristic features in food, such as colour, texture, and intensity, which are then used to identify a food.

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