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With a lot of luck, the strategy might work, but an unexpected outcome could be catastrophic.

Considering the limited income potential and enormous downside risk, this strategy is not suitable for most investors.

First, the naked put writer has not set aside the cash to buy the stock if assigned.

As a result, assignment would require urgent and possibly costly maneuvers to get hold of enough cash by settlement.

There are no guarantees against assignment, short of closing out the put.

As for that solution, it might be difficult and costly just when the investor would most want to exit: when the stock moves sharply downward.

This strategy entails a great deal of risk and relies on a steady or rising stock price. The only motive for writing an uncovered put is to earn premium income.

Cash-secured puts are the same as naked puts, but with two vital exceptions.

Obviously, the higher the strike price, the greater the premium, but the higher the risk of assignment, too.When you've already lived a bit and gets older, you know what sort of companion competes you.In our senior chatroom we help seniors to find their friends that make their Third Age their best.A put writer who has no desire to own the underlying stock, and no earmarked resources for settling should the shares be assigned, is undertaking a highly risky strategy.An uncovered put strategy expects the put to expire worthless, allowing the writer to keep the premium received at the outset.

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How can a short put writer reign in the risk of this investment?