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RESEARCH YOUR SCAMMER, FIND OUT WHO IS BEHIND THE EMAIL Hi and welcome, trewells! - header- money request - chat log or text- profile elements used on dating/social site- pictures - if are not already reported here- first and second email- other contact details: phone numbers, adress for money delivery, bank account (if...)Useful links: FAQ - viewtopic.php? I sent him a profanity laced text telling him I was completely aware of the scam for the whole 2 weeks and how thought about string them along further.

I blocked "Laura" from Facebook and on Yahoo and well as the "attorney" from Yahoo.

The "attorney" emails me and says the death certificate is "secured" and only he can get it from the bank.

Anyway, I was also told that I would have to pay for a power of attorney later too. I told them that Wal Mart refused to let me send money to Nigeria and that the local convenience store would not allow me to either. The "attorney" and now her (probably the same person) are insistent the I use Money Gram or Western Union. Let's see if she sends more photos of Audrey Bitoni.

Spokeo is a unique background check service that reserches people by EMAIL. [email protected] on Migente,username robinson71Member Since: March 20, 2012Sex: Female Age: 41Last Login: 2 mins ago Location: Austin, TXRace: Black/African American Zodiac: Sagittarius I finally ended their game on Friday.

The way "Laura" phrased messages and type things, it did leave me to believe it was a female. I saw on one website that tracked their IP address, one guy was having phone interactions with him and I guess he fell for her.

Audrey is chatting her way into a fuck session when she invites Chris over after chatting with him.

Its when she sees his cock on the that she gets the idea to find him on the network and get his cock in her wet pussy.

pm Laura Davies Robinson Honey all I just needed is your credit card information...

I will need it in other for my late dad bank to send the money understand me my king?

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I did see the profile they set up on Migente with one of the photos she sent me. You can tell Audrey is probably Italian descent and mid 20s just on sight. pm Laura Davies Robinson Nigeria and properties most get to me in other for me and my husband to start our future over...honey pls advise me and scared because I hard a lot about that country..trewells There have been kidnappings there and I hear about scams they run there too. I will be glad if you are honest and open minded with you.will never regret knowing me.promise me that you will do that for me my love... Pls make me happypm Laura Davies Robinson Honey I also don't want anything to happen to you...

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