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Chatzy ageplay

A rather hypnotizing "education program" that runs 24/7.'adventdrabbles', 'fest 2010', 'fest 2011', 'fest 2012', 'fest 2013', (femmeslash), (gen), (het), (moresome), (slash), (threesome), *masterlist*, -'making christmas' verse-, -'what a boy wants' verse-, -original fiction-, .:drunk post:., .graphics., .promotion., .prompt table., , /fandomaid/, /meme/, ::christmas::, ::halloween::, ::new year's::, ::valentine's day::, [character] albus severus potter, [character] arthur weasley, [character] astoria greengrass, [character] bellatrix lestrange, [character] bill weasley, [character] blaise zabini, [character] charlie weasley, [character] draco malfoy, [character] fenrir greyback, [character] fred weasley, [character] george weasley, [character] ginny weasley, [character] harry potter, [character] hermione granger, [character] hugo weasley, [character] james sirius potter, [character] lavender brown, [character] lorcan scamander, [character] lucius malfoy, [character] luna lovegood, [character] molly weasley, [character] narcissa malfoy, [character] neville longbottom, [character] original, [character] other female, [character] other male, [character] pansy parkinson, [character] remus lupin, [character] ron weasley, [character] rose weasley, [character] scorpius malfoy, [character] severus snape, [character] sirius black, [character] teddy lupin, [character] victoire weasley, `challenge: 10iloveyou`, `challenge: cottoncandy_bingo`, `challenge: hc_bingo`, `challenge: homebrewbingo`, `challenge: kink_bingo`, `challenge: love_bingo`, length: 1-5k, length: 10-15k, length: 101-499, length: 15-20k, length: 25-30k, length: 5-10k, length: 500-999, length: drabble, length: drabble series, rating: g, rating: nc-17, rating: pg, rating: pg-13, rating: r, karofsky/kurt, |warning| abuse, |warning| age disparity, |warning| ageplay, |warning| angst, |warning| bdsm, |warning| bloodplay, |warning| bondage, |warning| breathplay, |warning| cbt, |warning| character death, |warning| come-play, |warning| creature! kink, |warning| disability, |warning| drug use, |warning| dub-con, |warning| feminization, |warning| fisting, |warning| foodplay, |warning| foot/boot worship, |warning| genderfuck, |warning| infantilism, |warning| infidelity, |warning| knifeplay, |warning| mental disease, |warning| miscarriage, |warning| mpreg, |warning| non-con, |warning| non-magical au, |warning| pegging, |warning| petplay, |warning| redwings, |warning| roleplay, |warning| self harm, |warning| somnophilia, |warning| student/teacher, |warning| time travel, |warning| torture, |warning| violence, |warning| vomit play, |warning| voyerism, |warning| watersports Title: Breakfast, Harry and Draco Style Pairing: Harry/Draco Rating: NC-17Word Count: 2,214Warnings: Crossdressing, foodplay, daddy!

She explained how, without limits, she would try to get away with as much as she could.

She very kindly reminded me today in the Chatzy room, and I was inspired to make with the writing.

The images that inspired this fic can be found here (images are NSFW).

Harry's teeth nipped at Draco's earlobe, drawing a soft gasp from his lips. " he purred, ducking his head to kiss the sensitive spot behind Draco's ear.

Draco shivered in his arms and pressed back against him, his arse pressing against Harry's clothed erection."Y-yes, Daddy." Harry let out a hum of approval and slid one hand from Draco's hip to tuck it beneath his skirt, dipping his fingers beneath the waistband of Draco's knickers.

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