Chronological dating new testament

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Chronological dating new testament

Quickly, the "Matthew" mentioned by Hierapolis is associated with "Matthew the tax collector".

Finally, the two earliest writings of Paul's Church, beyond his epistles, the First Epistle of Clement (c 80-140 CE) This leads to the likely conclusion that though the words that would become the Synoptic Gospels were around in the 1st century, the associated names and traditional "authorship" does not come about till the 2nd and even 3rd century.At this point scholars can state with a greater or lesser sense of confidence that a book was written by: Most of the New Testament books, other than Paul's writings, fall into the last category.Figuring out the authorship of the four Gospels (Mark, Matthew, Luke and John) stands to be nearly impossible, because they are anonymous writer would "speak" in the name of a historical figure.The Gospels, it was felt, would more likely be viewed as accurate, authentic, and persuasive if it was believed they were written by the disciples of Jesus, eyewitnesses to his ministry. In addition, Paul was one of the most fundamental figures (some would argue, more influential than Jesus himself) to what was to become the Christianity of the Roman Empire and the Roman Catholic Church.

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Determining authorship of any historical work generally starts by looking for a claim within the work of who wrote it.

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