Clown sex cam

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Clown sex cam

The person was charged with making terrorist threats and inducing panic, both felonies.

[There was a video here]"The fun thing about clown sex is there's really no rules," says Jay, a 33-year-old from Chicago and expert on the subject.

And now life is one big birthday results.

[There was a video here]In the end, Jay convinced his fuck buddy Liz to have clown sex and then she became his girlfriend.

Jay had a host of wonderful things to say—among them: "I like to make balloon animals because I'm extremely talented," "Just to smell the paint coming up off her face is enough for me," and "She said yes to clown sex and I cannot wait to honk that nose!

"—but lurking behind that cheerily painted exterior is malice. Jay, who dabbles with S&M generally in a string of virtually anonymous encounters during sex binges, says, "The people that I'm picking up are worthless." He also said during a group-therapy session: One of the things I did in the past that I really found fun was I would find girls in bars and convince them to come home with me where I would just debase them and humiliate them until I let them loose into the world hoping that they're wounded and I really enjoyed that kind of thing.'s therapist, Chris Donaghue, Jay revealed that he was rejected as a child and had never been invited to a party.

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Colerain Township police became aware of posts from individuals threatening to come to Colerain High School Friday, September 30.

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