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Compare radiometric dating relative dating

Study the graph of the intensity of light versus wavelength for continuous spectra, observing how it changes with the temperature of the light bulb.

Recall that one of the laws of thermal radiation states that a higher-temperature object emits photons with higher average energy (Wien’s law).

What physical law explains why a cloud will rotate rapidly as it collapses?

The solar system has two types of planets, terrestrial and jovian.

This law is illustrated by the fact that for a higher temperature object, the graph peaks at __________.

The absorption line spectrum shows what we see when we look at a hot light source (such as a star or light bulb) directly behind a cooler cloud of gas.

The materials that made up the solar nebula can be categorized into the four general types as follows.

However, as shown in the animation, the nebular theory predicts that a cloud will rotate rapidly once it shrinks to a small size.Consider the hypothetical discovery from Part A reading: "A star's 5 terrestrial planets orbit in the opposite direction of its 3 jovian planets." This discovery would be inconsistent with the nebular theory because the theory holds that __________.Consider the hypothetical discovery from Part A reading: "Beyond its jovian planets, a star has two ice-rich objects as large as Mars." This discovery is consistent with the nebular theory, because this theory predicts that _________.The solar system contains vast numbers of small bodies, which we call asteroids when they are rocky and comets when they are icy.These small bodies are concentrated in the region(s) of the solar system that we call __________.

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By measuring the amount of its decay product (argon-40) present in the rock, you conclude that there must have been 80 micrograms of potassium-40 when the rock solidified. has very few asteroids, while the region between Mars and Jupiter has many asteroids.