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I know you're not feeling well right now, but you're in luck. Service can be done by a profession - doctor, lawyer, engineer, nurse, real estate agent, entertainer - or you can just go out and help someone. I've done thousands of hours of research for you on suicide, painless suicide, putting out a hit on myself, even faking an accidental death.

However, I have heard three different people – in the world of talk radio, no less – pronounce it inaccurately in the last few months. it’s like the mechanism that allows people to speak in an educated fashion went awry (see what I did there? All right, yes, I cheated a little bit here (for posterity’s sake, I should note that a phrase and a word are not the same thing) but this is still a very popular pronunciation mistake and one that I really feel must be addressed in a public forum.This blog explores how the healthcare ecosystem must evolve to support this shift in consumerism, the increased patient data that is available, the Io T, electronic medical records (EMRs), shifts in politics, and the transformation to outcome based care. You're sitting in the exact same seat I've sat in a couple hundred times - surfing the Internet for an efficient, painless way to put an end to your pain. Why do we look for ways to commit painless suicide? I'll give you a quick rundown: There are other ways to commit suicide, but they are really painful and gruesome. However, I started by saying there is no such thing as painless suicide. And if you die by suicide, all of them will ask, "Why? " Another thing said at suicide funerals, "We had no idea." People who commit suicide are good at hiding their feelings. At the psyche hospital, they'll set you up on medications, feed you three times a day, give you snacks, and have you talk to therapists and social workers. You have both of those things too - a computer and people who love you. Through all of my years, I've learned that our purpose in life is to serve others. This word and its evolutionary course in American vernacular could be a cultural study unto itself.For a while, nobody was aware that the ‘T’ was silent; this sneaky caveat had to be beaten into our brains for years and years in school. At some point, the rational people of Earth decided to flip over the Buffet Table of Reason at the Banquet for Intellectual Hope and thought it best to, once again, simply start pronouncing the ‘T’ in “often.” I do not know whether this was brought on by an innate human desire to flout the rules of our world or just a collective hatred for all things associated with the establishment but it is now arguably the most frequent linguistic speed bump in the history of hyperbole.

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I won’t trouble you with a lecture covering how some of the words you use actually aren’t words at all.