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For many Canadians, a debt consolidation loan is an ideal alternative to filing for personal bankruptcy.If you still have a good credit score and steady income, a debt consolidation loan could be the solution to paying down your debt.The program was based on a concept developed by three young Canadian entrepreneurs named Craig Underwood, Sam Duboc, and Rob Gierkink.They came up with the basic idea for Air Miles in a Toronto hotel room.

The Air Miles Reward Program first launched in Canada in 1992.

In Canada consolidation loans are a way to combine several smaller loans into one single monthly payment.

The concept is simple; getting the loan is the hard part.

A Debt consolidation loan is a private loan used to combine multiple debts into a single debt with one monthly payment.

If you owe ,000 to three different unsecured creditors like credit card companies or bank loans, you could go to your bank or another lending institution, borrow ,000 and pay off the three existing accounts.

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If your credit score has suffered due to financial difficulties, you may have to pay a higher interest rate. If you have excellent credit, you may get a signature only loan.