Coping with dating

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Coping with dating

In a little while, we will talk about the disagreement and come to a rational compromise because we are lucky to have found one another. Most parents have some fears of the day their child will start dating.

He was kind and warm, childlike and intelligent and reliable. More than two years later, he is in the next room of our home making occasional huffing noises because we just had a bit of a fight.

At the time, with my tender young heart in shreds and painfully conscious that I needed to rewire my sense of what love looks like, and what a good man is, I took Spinoza’s advice gratefully. I came to understand the mistakes I had made, and why I had made them. A life free of the excitement and tumult of young love was actually incredibly easy.

While many of my university classmates were rocketing pelvis-first through each year, I was in the library reading Spinoza, and eating smelly foods such as tuna paté without worrying about disgusting anyone.

No matter how awful a parent might have been, there will still have been moments of tenderness.

We will associate that parent’s character traits – even the worst ones – with love, and consequently be drawn to them.

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The only problem was, almost seven years passed by, and I had become weird.