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A few things to check would be if you have a laptop, make sure the internet button is switched to on, although the issue really sounds like a set up done incorrectly. You might have to reinstall the drivers to get it to ask you again. You can always go through D-Links FAQ's and info at this web address: You can turn it back on the hard way but its also easy just to reinstall it after you uninstall it. Select ‘Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)’, then click ‘Properties’ 2.Select ‘Use the following IP address’, then input the following settings in respective field: IP address: Subnet Mask: Click ‘OK’ when finish. Click the ‘Start’ button (it should be located at lower-left corner of your computer), then click control panel.Your Cisco network equipment works perfectly fine so long as you avoid proprietary, less-secure harder-to-deploy protocols, like LEAP or EAP-FAST.Version 3.x and 2.x also have their share of critical vulnerabilities some of which are unpatched as of December 10, 2006.If your Windows Server 2003 box is hardened to only accept IAS requests with host-based firewall restrictions on all other ports and you install no other services on a Windows 2003 box, you can literally keep an IAS RADIUS server up for years of zero downtime or reboots.

Right-click Local Area Network, then select ‘Properties’.

i have a dir 615 router, on an xp home03, my wireless connection is excellent, but it says it is trying to validate identity.

I cannot get on the internet through the dagburn router, hardwired it works great Have a look at the router manual and access its setup pages via your browser.

Without knowing the Dlink model number, I will have to give you a generic trouble shooting forum link..

But 1st try the Dlink link I posted, it has both a wizard, and a manual option to try.

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